Thyla – Ferris Wheel

After a year out honing their craft, getting ready to blow us all away again, the Brighton four-piece return with the dreamy Ferris Wheel.

Credit – Christopher Hall

The four-piece have always been a favourite on Velvet for their attention to detail, making every track they release sound like a future cult hit, essentially sounding like the next Blondie while still aspiring to create something completely their own.

Upon pressing play, you’d be excused if you thought you were listening to a new Ballet School track, with the raw-rock tinge of early Thyla tracks now more polished with glossy, tropical pop guitars being the first sound of Ferris Wheel. Millie’s vocals are as equally startling in their change with softly sung lines instead of the immediacy found on their previous tracks.

This change, however, isn’t as dramatic as it first appears. Once the initial shock of glossy guitars and Millie’s slightly softer vocals are gone, it’s immediately Thyla, more polished, more finessed, more Thyla.

Ferris Wheel’s coated sound of dreamy guitars, 80’s drums and glitter synth styles (even without synths present), is a completely picturesque vision of their hometown. Even while Ferris Wheel’s lyrics in contrast to its overall sound are less than palatable, when speaking about thoughts of not being good enough, Millie and Mitch’s guitars together with Dan’s bass and Danny’s drums essentially do a complete Joy Division (deep breath), in transforming a story that’s shrouded in doubt and distaste for ones-self, with a sound that almost erases any thoughts of negativity lyrically.

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