Michelles – Reservation

On their latest track, Chicago’s Michelles laze around in the dusty, summer haven of Reservation.

Michelles self-titled, debut LP came out in 2013, now with their sophomore release, Dark as a Daisy, (currently available across most digital outlets) with Reservation being the second single taken from the LP.

Their previous single, All Is Forgiven, came loaded with dream/garage rock beats and riffs that could rub shoulders with the likes of Crocodiles or Echo & the Bunnymen. However, on Reservation, the style contrast is immediate and even more exciting.

The moment that blues infected guitars begin, following the opening drum beat, Reservation is a nostalgic flashback to Smith Westerns and Girls; with dream pop welcoming in a new face to the ever-popular genre.

Falling short of the 3-minute mark, Michelles only downside on Reservation is that we get less than 3 minutes of this beautiful, blues influenced dream pop, rather than an elongated display of what Palace and Smith Westerns would have sounded like in a collaboration. You’ll just have to keep it on repeat just as we are.

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