Blajk – Gunshot

It’s been almost a year since Toronto’s Blajk released any new music following their Limited EP from last summer, so a suave, capricious banger was long overdue.

Appropriately titled, Gunshot kicks off Blajk in 2017 with the speed and sophisticated pop style that the Torontonians have become known for since their debut Hamptons, back from 2015. A point in life that would symbolise a definite change, Gunshot plays with the idea of realisation, finding that life might not be at 100% in this current situation. For Blajk’s style, however, Gunshot is a familiar sound for fans, as EDM bass heavy choruses layer up on indie rock guitars, with enough of a twist from the Toronto group to move forward while remaining as cool as ever.

Make sure if you’re at NXNE this weekend to check out Blajk, performing on June 24th.

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