Shea Couleé – Cocky ft Lila Star + The Vixen

Miss Shea Couleé has come loaded with the visual EP, Couleé-D, after appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 9 and Cocky is ready to snatch wigs left, right and centre (spoilers ahead).

So, in case you either haven’t seen the finale, heard the Reddit rumours or aren’t in the US or UK with access to VH1, then prepare to leave this page now if you don’t want to find out what happened.

Now that the spoiler alert has been addressed, it was to the surprise of most fans of the show, that Shea didn’t win and that New Yorker Sasha Velour was crowned. However, just as Shea demonstrated throughout the season that her talents seem to know no limits, alongside working with VAM Studio, the Chicago queen announced a visual EP, with three videos, each with their own style visually and musically.

Cocky, is pure Chicago house music together with New York’s ballroom scene, placing voguing and r’n’b/trap music together for 3 minutes of pure cuntiness. Teaming up with performers Lila Star and The Vixen, Shea Couleé throws together one of the most approachable songs from a drag racer in a long time, together with visuals that are cleaner and more on point than most, even RuPaul’s videos to a degree, Cocky is a surprising step forward for Shea, but one that should definitely be encouraged.


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