Wake Child – Hangup Blues

A welcome change of pace from our recent posts, Wake Child summon up the soulful Blues of 1960’s America with Hangup Blues.

To capture the essence of Blues music, you’d best make sure that you’ve got a lot of soul coming from the vocalist throughout, as well as guitar work that glides so effortlessly from note to note, anyone listening would think that they could do it themselves.

Wake Child goes one step further, following the progression of modern Blues music, coating the soulful beauty of indie rock, with a connection between the three members that pours out into their music. Once you know a little about Wake Child it’s instantly recognisable as to why Hangup Blues sounds the way it does.

Made up of Danny Silberstein, Austin Max and Terrell Hines, all three attended Berklee College of Music, each with their own key attribute to place together in Wake Child. Danny the singer/songwriter, Austin the rare guitar virtuoso who plays off-the-cuff and Terrell, a former gospel drummer who drives into the realm of his stylistic influences: psychedelic jazz and modern trap.

Hangup Blues utilises each aspect of Wake Child’s members, courting psychedelic tendencies with Blues rock in a marriage officiated by old school R’n’B vibes. It’s a lot to fit into even five minutes, yet Wake Child takes to the task as complete naturals.

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