The Backbeat Conspiracy – Let Your Body Go (Premiére)

Today we’re premiéring Swedish septet, The Backbeat Conspiracy’s third release, the exuberant Let Your Body Go, an indie rock filled, reggae party starter.

Made up of Luc and Oliver Deutschmann, Per Alexander Esbjörnsson, Jens Evaldsson,
Jonatan Lilja, Viktor Knutsson and Anders Åström, The Backbeat Conspiracy are a collective hailing from Östersund, Sweden, who’s music reflects closely to that of The Specials and Real Lies.

With over 10 years of working together, The Backbeat Conspiracy (named in 2015 following their regrouping in 2012) has an alluring vibe surrounding them. With their main influences coming from, pop, soul and rock music, the Swedish septet unify a plethora of genres across their work, with Let Your Body Go swagging into the mixes of reggae and hip-rock.

Oliver (the septet’s frontman) explains how, Let Your Body Go, is a conversation between the band and their audience, intended to imitate the pre-concert energy, of being psyched about a gig. As the seven-piece come together with systematic guitar riffs grooving to the steady marching of Luc’s drum beat, Let Your Body Go plays exactly as described with no contention about what it longs to be, instead, remaining simple and fun, planting itself firmly in the back of your mind all day long.

(If the track won’t play immediately, wait for roughly 30 seconds and then you should be able to press play)

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