Cut Copy – Airborne

If like me, your first introduction to the Melbourne group Cut Copy, was through FIFA 09 which featured Lights & Music, then Airborne will be a comfortable addition to the Cut Copy discography for you.

It might sound as if Hot Chip have invaded Cut Copy’s sound once Airborne begins, (how great would a Cut Copy/Hot Chip collaboration be though?), however, once the incursion of upbeat, funk fuelled, psychedelic comes flooding in Airborne’s chorus, it’s clear to all that the Melbourne group are retaining their love for indie-electro-rock.  What sounds like a change in Cut Copy’s style, is more of a rekindling of past highlights, placed together with a contemporary finesse for an impressive expansion that avoids being garish in appearance, instead, blending into a settled foundation, adding to the beauty of Cut Copy’s extensive work.

Cut Copy will be performing in Sydney and Melbourne later this month, as The Metro Theatre, Sydney, on July 19th, then The Croxton, Melbourne, July 20th and the Melbourne groups’ fourth LP is to be expected later this year through Astralwerks and EMI records.

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