LOYAL – Reset In Colour

If you were wondering where indie pop wonder kids LOYAL have been since March, they’ve just been preparing to continue their onslaught of emphatic pop anthems; bringing us all the infectiously optimistic charm of Reset In Colour.

This song was first inspired by the mass shooting in Orlando and the vote to leave Europe which happened weeks apart, it felt like ‘literally’ the colours of both the individual and the many were being undermined—as if unity and acceptance were things we were leaving behind. Metaphorically it feels like our own individual colours—our aura we project to the world by the way we feel, think, love and express—were now being dimmed.

Becoming one of the BBC’s latest, favourite acts, arguably ensures said act an eventful future ahead. However, LOYAL clearly aren’t taking any chances, as Reset In Colour comes blazing into the indie pop scene, as a supercharged Moving As One that sounds as if it’s been picked up by Jamie xx.

A track that’s blazoned with an atmosphere of optimistic anticipation as LOYAL seek to continue their impressive form, Reset In Colour’s swaggering stature may be bold at first glance, but this face of confident and empowering melodies becomes even more engrossing, when reflecting inwards upon some of the biggest news stories across the Western world from the past year.

Although born out of despair this song is about finding hope, strength and unity in one another, no longer hiding from our uniqueness but rising with it and letting our colours burst into the light!

The doom and gloom of attacks on Western democracy which gave birth to LOYAL’s latest effort show Reset In Colour powering through this storm, as frontwoman Beth Molly Moore guides us all through this dark phase in modern history as a beacon of hope. Radiating impressive math rock riffs and new house beats, Reset In Colour is leading the way towards a future filled with anthemic pop from ambitious and socia

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