Colouring – White Whale

A US tour with The 1975 has done two things for Colouring. Helped push their name out to millions of pop fans, and allowed White Whale to be born.

If it wasn’t for George Daniels, the drummer of The 1975,¬†helping to produce White Whale alongside Jack and the rest of the Colouring members, then the In Rainbows style electro-pop track would have been left as an unfinished product, possibly forever.

So what’s the issue? Why did they need Daniels’ help in finishing White Whale?

From the moment that White Whale surfaces, a breath of fresh air lifts the dust from the space around Colouring, as Daniels’ indie pop style somehow welcomes in an unexpected change from what would be expected from The 1975’s influence. The aid of Daniels’ is that Colouring achieve their most ambitious drumming beats yet, as White Whale thrashes ferociously between clear solo percussion and trackpad beats all at once, mirroring Radiohead on their 2007 release topped with frantic breathing samples for added experimentation.

From a selection of rapid electronic slices to rising crescendos that bow to solitary moments within the chorus, White Whale triggers another hype-wave of seismic proportions, just in case the London group didn’t already have every music source out there currently obsessed with them.

Colouring’s Heathen EP will be out August 25th through Interscope Records.


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