Momentus Hiatuses + Writer Submissions!

So, long time viewers of Velvet will know that I struggle with motivation from time to time due to mental health issues, it’s one of the reasons why I added the Support For Our Visitors page a few months ago. With having just finished my degree while sorting out accommodation, bills, job hunting etc etc, I’ve spent most of my spare time trying to unwind, which unfortunately leads to brief hiatuses on Velvet. I’ll make the same promise as always to try and ensure posting at a more frequent rate, even if this is just one post every other day, this is just my way of letting regular viewers know what’s going on.

Also, through job hunting, I’ve found the impenetrable wall that is *experience required*, where employers seek 21-year-olds with 5 years experience in their respective fields, which is just ridiculous. As a way of helping both those who either wish to write for building up experience, simply write and share about new music, or gigs they’ve been to, things along this line, while also helping Velvet share more frequently, I’ve created a new account for writer submissions.

Just to be clear, this address will be for those who are interested in writing for Velvet, whether about new music, gigs, or even a feature piece idea.

So if you want to just share your thoughts or begin to grow your experience as some form of a writer/blogger, then drop me an email at velvetwriters(@)

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