Holy ’57 – Water // Chrome

Celebrating his upcoming London show, Holy ’57 and London label Samurai Sound released the first taste of Holy ’57’s upcoming LP yesterday, with the joyous Water // Chrome.

Taken from his third EP titled L, Alex Mankoo continues on with his journey into the realms of dreamy indie pop. Water // Chrome celebrates the beauty of collaboration in differences as Mankoo travels between countryside forests and his family’s homes with his grandmother and young brother and sister accompanying.

Mankoo explains: “I like the idea that when water and chrome come together, they create something dazzling and beautiful when the light hits. And I thought it was nice to think about that being possible for me too, that my mixed race heritage can be something beautiful and something unique in and of itself rather than this constant balancing act of not knowing where I fit.”

Travelling across shaded greenery while glistening, summer synths vibe to the sounds of nature, Water // Chrome continues to display Holy ’57 in fine form, as the tropical/indie pop sound continues to be no problem from Mankoo to turn into something beautiful.Holy ’57 will be performing his debut London show at Camden Assembly on August 3rd.

Holy ’57 will be performing his debut London show at Camden Assembly on August 3rd.

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