Zola Jesus – Exhumed

Prepare for Exhumed to induce hallucinogenic nightmares as Zola Jesus releases the visually horrifying video for the first single from her Okovi LP.
You’d think by now fans of Zola Jesus would be prepared for Nicole Hummel’s goth style, yet Exhumed’s music video continues to demonstrate the complexity of Zola Jesus.

*PRE-WARNING: Those who are prone to epileptic seizures should not watch the video as strobe lighting and rapid flashing takes places. Spotify link will be included for visual only listeners*.

Directed, photographed, & edited by Jacqueline Castel, this joining of forces with Hummel has led for a monstrous piece to become even more so terrifying. Comparisons to The Ring and Begotten are scouring the videos YouTube page, but rightly so, as Castel plasters Hummel across Exhumed endlessly as mere visions with rapid editing taking place to similar match Exhumed’s emphatic drumming and hysteric orchestral performance. Exhumed intensity is visualised beautifully by Castel as Hummel’s themes of loss and personal growth in the face of painful, ever-changing circumstances, come across in perfect unison, symbolising fear in its purest form, surrounded by the hopeful light of the sun breaking a forest’s barrier.

In addition to Zola Jesus’ sixth LP Okovi being released September 8th, the previously-released Stridulum and Valusia EPs are being placed onto one single LP, due on the same day as Okovi. Zola Jesus also plays London’s Village Underground on November 7th.

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