Colouring – If I Ever Lose Your Love

If Colouring ever loses sight of where their lives began to completely change, may If I Ever Lose Your Love, be marked as the moment that the London group elevated their world by destroying our own.

It’s only so slightly dramatic to suggest that Colouring is a bomb set on destroying the lives of all of those who dare to foolishly stand still and listen, as the puncturing and destruction of the ground around us is overshadowed by disastrous beauty. Jack Kenworthy is simply the trigger man, readying his lyrics to cast a shadow over our world in a matter of seconds.

If I Ever Lose Your Love so fittingly expresses such unparalleled levels of dystopic drama rather simply. As all classic love songs do: With a baron piano to prepare your heart for a range of emotions starting with pure excitement, then onto fearless love and frozen sadness in a matter of minutes. A string intersection that symbolises the tumultuous pinnacle, where sounds interject in a crossfire of emotionally bleeding chaos with more destructive power than anything ever imaginable. Then for the constant source of emotionally rich tenderness that comes from Jack Kenworthy in this case, as If I Ever Lose Your Love demonstrates the capacity of Kenworthy’s voice. Scaling upwards from the deep baritone husk of The Wave, now to the up limits of a seasoned tenor, as the Londoner displays his most beautiful vocal performance yet, If I Ever Lose Your Love closes the second chapter of Colouring with great fashion, preparing the world for what else is to come from Colouring later this year and in 2018.

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