Trudy and the Romance – Is There A Place I Can Go

The Liverpudlian three-piece release their first single since last years, Sandman, with the film noir style of Is There A Place I Can Go.

With Oliver, Lewis, and Brad, it’s never a dull moment when it comes to the ‘nostalgic futurism’ of Trudy and the Romance. Never being ones to lose themselves or their fans in a world of imagination, Trudy’s modern take on nostalgic musical moments, is something that just about anyone will enjoy from their upcoming, Junkyard Jazz, EP.

Similarly to the 50’s themed future of the Fallout game franchise, Is There A Place I Can Go, continues on with Trudy and the Romance’s love of historically grand, genre bending music. Mutating the romanticism of film noir’s doomed lust for desire with the idea of American dreamers who aspire to achieve the white picket fence life over a root beer float, the two stories are pieced together with immersive guitar work and larger than life showmanship, for a reflection of love in the life of a 50’s movie.

Whether you choose to interpret, Is There A Place I Can Go, as a romantic love song from a 50’s classic, with its cinematic displays of emphatic guitar work, is entirely a choice that Trudy’ is rather unfazed by. Describing the songs of, Junkyard Jazz, as being “loose but compact” symbolising a “messy love”, Trudy and the Romance remain as effervescent as ever, utilising their energetic spirit to draw out the spark of 50’s rock and pop.

Junkyard Jazz is out November 17th through B3SCI Records.

  1. Seashore Overture
  2. Twist it, Shake it. Rock & Roll
  3. Junkyard Cat
  4. Ruff Ryder
  5. Is There A Place I Can Go


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