Boniface – I Will Not Return as a Tourist

Canadian artist Boniface releases the video for his debut single, the emphatic power of I Will Not Return As A Tourist.

A song inspired by the desolate prairies, filmed in the desolate prairies.

Winnipeg’s Micah Zachary Visser may look like a fresh-faced freshman, but I Will Not Return as a Tourist packs the punch of every dissociated millennial across the world. Confusion and determination fill the story of I Will Not Return as a Tourist, as Visser endlessly wonders the desolate prairies of Manitoba while evoking a profound sense of self-reflection, stating the distaste of losing identity, while standing as equally determined to return as himself.

Boniface’s power, as strong as the narrative entails for I Will Not Return…, comes just as passionately from sonically charged guitars and synths, familiar in sound to other groups, yet different and greater in impact than you would associate with an indie pop artist who provides a consistently gentle vocal performance throughout the track. Much more of a culmination of indie highpoints, crafted into something grander, rather than simply repeating past motifs, Boniface’s debut is a triumphant achievement.

Boniface will be performing tomorrow at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club alongside AlaskaAlaska in London.

You can find Boniface on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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