Skye Wallace – Scarlet Fever

Following her 2016 LP, Something Wicked, Skye Wallace releases the punk rock energy of Scarlet Fever.

Depicting a love story set in the Yukon (Northwest Canada), where Scarlet returns via boat, while the other lover awaits on land, uncertain about the state of devotion between the two, Scarlet Fever is as full on while equally being all over the place as could be possible. While that might not sound appeasing to some, if you switch back to Florence & the Machine at their beginning with Kiss With A Fist, then Scarlet Fever is on the right tracks to achieve something great for Skye Wallace. As choppy guitars are thrown together with Skye’s punk influenced vocals, Scarlet Fever plays hot and cold with the insatiable energy of punk rock and the hard to ignore love for classic indie rhythms, piecing together a narrative that is near impossible to not fall in love with.

You can find Skye Wallace on facebook, instagram and twitter.

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