HAVVK – Below

The Berlin-based group tackle Irish abortion laws on their most ambitious track to date, towering over their previous releases.

Between their moments of floating around folk and punk music, Hawk’s consistency with being inconsistent in their use of genres is quite possible their most attainable quality. Punk’s volatile protest together with the ear-friendly sounds of folk music come hand in hand in the form of protests songs which Hawk are all about.

Secular laws where Ireland’s Catholicism no longer dictates abortion laws, with its arguably unfair treatment of women is 50% of Below. The remaining 50% is an onslaught of cataclysmic guitars together with Julie’s poignant yet powerful vocals, that throw together a collection of so many familiarities to other groups, the powerful tenderness of The Jezabels matching up with the intricate nature of Radiohead, as Band of Skulls come roaring through with punchy riffs. Hawk could almost make you believe that your prior knowledge of music, has really just been performed by them for all of these years, simply under different pseudonyms.

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