Satellite Citi – Undead

If video games and alt-rock that sways to the sound of Blood Red Shoes, all while empowering LGBTQ youth is your type of poison, then stick around, as Satellite Citi show support for LGBTQ youth as the duo pair up to help defeat the evil attacking a kicked out teen.

For a duo that has only released a handful of singles to date, the production value on Undead itself is enough to be applauded, let alone everything else that Anna Gevorkian and Shaunt Sulahian throw together during these near four minutes. Coming to support an abandoned LGBTQ teen, played by Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, directors, Powell Robinson and Patrick R Young’s powerful, video game vision of saving the world from malevolent evil is further amplified by Shaunt’s insanely wicked guitar playing and Anna’s monstrous drumming, placing Undead as a must listen to track for any alt-rock fans out there.

The LA duo’s debut EP, “Negative Space,” is expected for release in January, 2018.

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