The Year Of: LOYAL

2017 lit up LOYAL’s path to stardom; with the London group set to takeover the radio-waves in 2018.

With only 6 officially released tracks to their name since 2015, LOYAL may appear as fresh-faced newcomers, but the four piece are by no means novices. Much like Wolf Alice for comparison, LOYAL’s growth has been focused solely on quality rather than quantity. The release of their Light up for You EP tied together their four, 2017 releases into a compilation of indie-tronica, chart ready songs, that while displaying two thirds of their current discography, showcases the tremendous talent from the London group in creating sublime music.

Even with a primary sound that falls into the modern form of indie-tronica, LOYAL’s approachability within their music through earworm worthy choruses of insatiably catchy lyrics, mingling together sweetly with bubbling math-rock guitars, attains enough of a discernible edge to standout amongst a currently oversaturated market.

Prime example, Moving As One, the first of their 2017 releases, revealed LOYAL to be an immediate standout of the year, with a chorus that towards the songs ending moments, grows louder and more immense in every single proportion, whether it be from screeching guitars, triumphant brass sections of grooving saxophones or the simple, yet effective thunderous beating of brazen drums.

Similarly throughout Tower Over All, Reset in Colour and Light up for You, LOYAL’s formulaic approach to steady going indie-tronica that explodes with the energy of math-rock is impossible to put down once you immerse yourself into the world of the London group.

2018 may not reveal an LP from LOYAL, but whatever the four-piece unleash into the world next year, it will be nothing short of magical.

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