The Year Of: Plaza

These Hartlepool rockers have been on Velvet’s radar for a couple years now, stepping into 2016 with their first release Totem, an overcharged, math rock beast; it’s been impossible not to keep an ear out for these guys ever since.

From energetic beginnings filled with ebullient guitars to hazy, emo croons and ferocious sing-alongs, Plaza’s iridescent style is everything you’d want and more from an upcoming indie group.

Their debut Totem, provided a ting of math rock that screamed with the energy of a stadium sized performance, hurtling across it’s 2 minute running time with such prowess that anyone would have thought it was a single for their second LP. This ecstatic energy followed suit with their next singles, Blood Orange and Youth, Blood Orange a much more well contained behemoth of roaring indie thunder that strikes every note with absolute precision, while Youth quietly creeps into Armageddon for what can only be described as being ‘fucking intense as’.

There’s enough energy in Plaza’s music to reinvigorate a rush from the “Northern-powerhouse”, stealing attention away from London’s overly saturated crowds, drawing attention to the admirable grit of Northern rock. With their most popular track to date, earlier single Youth, currently clocking in over 100,000 plays on Spotify, Plaza’s northern charm is growing more and more popular by the minute.

If you go searching for Totem then you’ll be fresh out of luck as it’s not currently available to listen to anywhere (except their live shows), but Plaza still have their latest single Speak It, their Wernotplaza EP as well as previous singles Youth and Blood Orange to feast your ears upon.


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