Lea Porcelain – Gotta Run

The first of 4 singles to be released over the next few months, Lea Porcelain follow up their debut LP, Hymns To The Night, with the supercharged Gotta Run.

Clearly the long wait after a debut LP idea hasn’t sat well with the German duo, as Julien and Marcus join forces again to provide the first taste of a post-Hymns To The Night Lea Porcelain. The warped, whirling synth loops are still ever-present as Lea Porcelain’s signature sound, yet it’s Julien’s drum work on Gotta Run that is the tracks biggest attraction, rapidly running to a ‘similar’ pace of Similar Familiar. Where Similar Familiar was shrouded in darkness and malevolently brilliant, Gotta Run, while far from being uplifting in narrative, spawns a sound unheard of from Lea Porcelain, that is undeniably exciting to witness.

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