Alex Rand – My Mettle Changes

Montreal’s experimental artist Alex Rand releases the second single from his debut, Sundial EP, the eclectic My Mettle Changes.

With a debut LP with Montreal group Look Vibrant set for release in March, alongside his Sundial EP, it’s fair to say that Rand has a lot going on over the next few months. However, it’s safe to say that the volume of work being created by Rand is far from being subpar.

Experimental describes Rand’s musical style rather well, but My Mettle Changes is a lot more intellectual and mentally stimulating than being titled as experimental may suggest. It’s purely chaotic at times where guitars burst in a supernova fashion, exploding into the form of synths and droopy drones that James Blake could been seen utilising currently. Benny Boeldt’s 8 of Cups comes to mind when My Mettle Changes plays, however, where 8 of Cups went for full on chaotic madness, Rand’s manages to pull of creating something complete all over the place, while still having all of the pieces fit together. Like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, it looks impossible to understand and complete, but it’s more than achievable, much as My Mettle Changes appears frantic and disorganised, but in actuality is a brilliantly constructed moment in time.

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