Harris Mac – Shallow

Instagram friends wrapped up in pretence as their reality in Harris Mac’s ‘Shallow’ world is the change you need in your music library.

Experimentalist Brooklyn artist Harris Mac plays around with the idea of momentum and genre. With influences ranging from The Beatles, to Kanye West and then Radiohead; Mac’s taste in comparably varied genres dictates a path that has more twists and turns than many of his influencers.

Shallow subjectively tackles fake friends, or at least the idea of them. Instagram admirers, ‘amateur models’ people who ‘pretend and eat sushi on the weekend’, a myriad of relentless fame chasers in the age of social media 2.0. While those who vie more for the attention of others online may be challenging for some, Mac rises to the occasion of turning systematic instagramers into intriguing, momentous pieces of art. The ever-present change of pace in Shallow shows the Brooklyn artist’s influencers seeping in, as deep, heavy bass notes trade places with wavy electronics, forming R’n’B beats that quickly transform into something more along the lines of St Vincent, easily Shallow’s most exciting attribute. It’s the first taste of Mac’s upcoming LP She’s A Revolver expected later this year, marking the Brooklyn artist as one to keep an ear out for.

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