Telehope – Calling Your Name

Finding out that Cincinnati group Telehope are relative new comers to the music is world is almost unfathomable.

If you’re a fan of intense, hard hitting pop music that’s as jubilant as it is serious, then Telehope have ticked all your boxes. Calling Your Name starts of 2018 for the four piece, following previous single Remedy and their debut LP, Chasing Dreams (released last year) in incredible fashion. The obvious go to is to compare them to The 1975, but we’ll do Telehope some credit and state that it’s far more impressive.

Much like the amplified echoes of a roaring motor as a car drives through a tunnel, Calling Your Name has that insatiable quality in volumes. A bubbling synth hook that bands such as Armors or Max and the Moon would have used is the main attraction, anchoring piano keys and charming guitar riffs together consistently at full force relentlessly, attaining that perfect balance between being radio-friendly yet innovative enough to be spotlighted as exciting and new.

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