Avalanche Party – Porcelain

The Yorkshire group are warming up for their Live at Leeds performance, with the gritty taste of Porcelain.

The last we’d heard of Avalanche Party was their insanely explosive release I’m So Wet, which safely made its way onto our end of year list, and clearly the Leeds group seem set on joining our 2018 list. In comparison to I’m So Wet, Porcelain is as smooth as the material itself, yet still as boisterous and unforgiving as their previous work. A series of wailing psych styled riffs fall reminiscent to earlier Hookworms just before Radio Tokyo, as Porcelain charges forward with gut wrenching guitars instead of synth organs, carrying on the dirty, garage rock style that Avalanche Party clearly have no problem of consistently delivering on.

For you vinyl lovers, Porcelain’s available on a very limited run of 250, blood red transparent vinyl, accompanied with I’m So Wet, Solid Gold and I Came Across Water. Be quick as they’re already close to selling out!

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