St. Tropez – Down

Politically charged and vocal about it as well, St. Tropez are doing much more than screaming about injustice on their latest work.

The Dutch quartet return following their 2017 ‘Debate’ EP, with the first taste from LP2 coming from the intrusive Down. Rather than just shaking things up, St. Tropez are going full balls to the wall, invoking change to the political landscape as Down sends in a barrage of gritty riffs, tumultuous drums and a groove that channels the political rage of the 1960’s-70’s era, all carried with an undeniable punk undertone. With Down’s accompanied music video solely continuing one continuous greyscale shot, as St. Tropez slowly step into focus before digging, the Dutch quartet create a simple yet effectively cool visualisation of the political message that Down carries. Think Future Of The Left’s ‘Failed Olympic Bid’ and you’re on the right path.

But it’s not all grey videos and political unrest for St. Tropez. The quartet will be opening a pop-up studio/venue in Amsterdam Central Station during the month of May, with professional and amateur, international musicians travelling to experiment on producing music, as well as hosting creative sessions and live events for all throughout May. So if you’re in Amsterdam or will be in May, make sure you go to rub shoulders with St. Tropez.

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