Colouring – Time

As each passing year since Colouring’s debut release In Motion has drawn the London group closer to the front line of the blogosphere’s ‘buzzband’ tag, Time welcomes in 2018 for another year set to be covered by Colouring.

While three years for most bands may seem like the small, starter period, possibly even the mark before greater success for a lucky few, these 3 years have been nothing but fruitful for Colouring. Time is a true testament to the indie-pop groups consistent evolution since 2016, and even prior to when Osca was the London group’s pseudonym. From In Motion to now, Time is completely different in almost every aspect, with jubilant, upbeat electronica, replacing the brooding, deep intricacy which once was. The consistent thumbing of a drum beat that has all but those unaccustomed to modern pop music eagerly awaiting the pay off in the chorus, are then graciously rewarded with a chorus that is as equally on par with chart successes The 1975 or Years & Years, but with a much more enticing pay off that follows in the footsteps of Colouring’s incomparable back catalogue.

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