HAVVK – Keeps Me Out

Hawk dream big on a colossal, shoegaze filled scale with Keeps Me Out, this time tackling existential crisis’s.

As Hawk’s attentive nature to political and social matters has largely been the focus for a number of their previous songs; it’s a welcomed change of pace on Keeps Me Out, that Julie is writing about having an existential crisis instead.

It’s not quite that point blank, as Julie describes the song as being “inspired by those days when the most tempting decision is to do nothing and immerse yourself in distractions from your inner demons, (when) deciding to make a change in your life, whatever that may be, means setting a new bar that feels unattainable; that can feel like a failure waiting to happen”.

As does the power of Julie’s determination in the face of self-doubt, fear and general malevolent thoughts create stunningly powerful lyrics, the total immersion that Keeps Me Out creates by going full on shoegaze creates beautiful imagery for its narrative, accompanying the idea of immersive escapism, while equally creating motivation that can be so desperately needed. Yet again, Hawk’s tackling of serious issues, and relatable moments within their music is as enticing as ever.

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