Friendly Fires – Love Like Waves

The St. Albans trio release their first taste of new music in almost seven years with the magnetic Love Like Waves.

For those who watched Friendly Fires at one of their three recent dates, Love Like Waves will likely have been the first new track they shared that night. If like myself you grabbed your friend in complete shock and delight, then an official release will almost be as exciting to finally experience.

2011 may seem like a lifetime ago, but the time between Pala and Love Like Waves feels more like a minute apart. Following on from the tropical, ‘Hawaiian’ vibes of their previous release, Love Like Waves is naturally a fully-charged, indie-pop dance anthem. Ready to ignite the dancefloors with flailing limbs, covered in Hawaiian prints, all attempting to match Ed Macfarlane’s hypnotic dancing, Love Like Waves is a glorious return to form for Friendly Fires who are proving that their seven years away have been well worth the wait.

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