Easy Ruckus – Pretty Face

Debuting as the first release on the Canadian label Wandering Who Recordings, the Edmonton/Golden duo of Landon Bushell and Matt Downie unleash a sophisticated plethora of genres on Pretty Face.

If you do a little searching, you’ll find that Easy Ruckus have had a tonne of music out, with four EP’s released throughout 2016 (one of which is still up on Bandcamp). Now heading towards their debut ‘Tango’ LP, Pretty Face is a sure fire sign that this Canadian duo are going to have a seriously interesting album to hear.

Opening up with a mechanical drum that leads into a nostalgic taste of late 00’s dream-electronica, think of the Nillow remix of Lisa Mitchell’s Neapolitan Dreams, before a delicious taste of silky smooth guitars welcomes in the first verse; Pretty Face’s first thrity seconds are enough of a selling point to immediately pull your focus towards the remaining three and a half minutes.

What follows is a selection of seasoned pop, flowing with warm blooded blues that could easily be plastered all over the mainstream. It’s definitely early to say that Easy Ruckus could join the dizzying heights of advertising stardom that Peter Bjorn and John or Electric Guest’s tracks Young Folks and This Head I Hold respectively have enjoyed, but big claims are what Easy Ruckus should expect to follow their work.

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