Truett – Lies & Lightning EP

The second EP from the Atlanta rocker demonstrates an artist on the verge of becoming something bigger than his own guitar riffs.

Released, April 20th 2018, Brooklyn Basement Records.

It’s a rare moment when any collection of songs, whether it be an EP or LP, can immediately become comfortably familiar to your ears just as a much loved golden oldie is. Blues rock and ‘old school’ rock ‘n’ roll are two genres that while being largely popular with a never ending list of successful artists from the past, still remains difficult to truly execute well enough to stand out, which is where Truett begins to make way to join this golden list.

From his initial release of the gut punching rock of ‘Left In The Dark’ back in 2016, Truett’s expansion into blues rock on ‘Lie & Lightning’ reveals a new platform explored by the Atlantan which clearly comes as naturally as breathing.

As both the opening track and first to be released from the EP, ‘Run Me Down’ is signature Truett, with a ballsy onslaught of heavy guitar riffs and raunchy Southern flare firing consistently throughout, as the wild uncontrollable nature of Truett’s guitar skills are made un-missable from the word go. Similarly on ‘Selfish Lover’, more and more guitar riffs sit centre stage, ready to blow away any stiffness in those bones, readying everyone for an energetic display of pure rock ‘n’ roll.

On ‘Fire’, a darker sound awaits as a heavily reverbed sleuth, waiting in the midst of a smoky, late-night dive bar for that spark of electricity. Truett dives head first into the more intense sounds of blues rock, crawling out of that swamp Alex Turner was on about years ago, but in a much grander and alluring style, leaving a satisfying taste of lust and longing for much more.

However on ‘Lie and Lightning’s more tender, slowed down moments from ‘Coldwater, Michigan’ and closer ‘Time To Time’ featuring label found Ron Pope, the side of blues rock which is subdued, calm and graceful with a warming presence is welcomed in with great style. ‘Coldwater, Michigan’ discusses a now distant lover, under a wave of cool synths and lazy summer night guitar tones, perfect for moonlit, late night reminiscing while ‘Time To Time’ draws the EP in with a closing moment which acts much more as a pause rather than an end, as Truett leaves even more to be desired.

Throughout ‘Lie and Lightning’ Truett displays the tremendous of level of skill he possess with 2 hands and 6 strings yet again. As punchy, guitar focused blues rock welcomes in a new dawn for the Atlantan, a call from the likes of Mona, Hanni El Khatib or The Black Keys for a support tour slot is to be expected anytime soon.

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