Plaza – In The Know

The year of Plaza finally kicks off with a thunderous bang in the form of ‘In The Know’.

Having recently signed to Clue Records, the Hartlepool rockers are stepping their game up a few levels now, still representing northern indie rock at it’s uttermost finest, but with just a slight nod to electronica interference. ‘In The Know’ is as bold as Plaza have always been, using the isolation they’ve felt from their North Eastern roots to amplify their sound even further. Explaining that the track’s narrative focuses on: “When you feel like the world is watching you, and that you know too much – it’s all going to turn out okay in the end” ‘In The Know’ is a self-contained, massive blow out, hailing back to the age of early Bloc Party where indie misfits finally found an identity that was shared and appreciated. More synonyms for the words big, loud and impressive, could be plastered all across ‘In The Know’, but I’ll let the music do the talking.

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