Oddnesse – Trust

Purely made for your own pleasure, Trust is Oddnesse’s musical gift to get lost in.

From ‘Are You Down’ to ‘I Used To’, Rebecca Arango’s music has consistently been driven by narrative, rather than having been solely intended just to be a gift for her listeners, but it’s always felt like the latter no matter the narrative. The L.A. resident explains how ‘Trust’ is simply a present in auditory form; with graceful harmonies married together with uplifting melodies for a transcending piece of art.

“The first four bars are for meditation. What follows is for your imaginary pleasure. A song is a frivolous way to collect your thoughts and experiences, but the results are pretty.”

‘Trust’ welcomes in anyone with open arms, acting solely as a piece of music rather than that of an artist that requires any specific knowledge or prior experience to fall back upon. Oddnesse’s achievement on ‘Trust’ is centring focus on the actual enjoyment of creating and listening to music, rather than the arduous strain of creating some false meaning to appear deep and credible. In doing so, Oddnesse’s credibility sores through the roof.

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