Thyla – Blame

The Brighton four piece aren’t just kicking up a storm on their latest single Blame, they’re taking down the entire world.

Millie, Dan, Mitch and Danny never cease to surpass our previously set expectations for what is set to come from the quartet. As high as our standards have been set for the Brighton group, Thyla consistently prove that there’s a never ending supply of musical goodness to come.

Blame, marks a turn in the road as had their much earlier release of Loveless, which similar aspired to be more overpowering than anything they had released before. On Blame, punk and rock takeover as the shoegaze dreaminess of previous tracks I Was Biting and Tell Each Other Lies hasn’t fully disappeared, but is being mercilessly beaten by Millie and Mitch’s howling guitars instead; as a cross between Savages and Blood Red Shoes drenched in the early 10’s psych-rock that escalated Peace to higher ground is the closest comparison you’ll find. But don’t let comparisons dictate your view of Thyla, as they’re far from mirror images of other established acts, standing head and shoulders above the ever-growing Brighton scene with their unique shoegaze-rock sound.

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