Chloe Olivia – Gilded

Utah based sister duo Chloe Olivia, explore unmasking façades on Gilded, in an age where covering up ones identity can supersede the reality underneath.

The façade of Chloe Olivia is that of a tender, ballad-enthused pair of songwriters, who’s graceful delivery permits nothing more than blissful ambience to serenade your ears. The reality of the Oklahoma natives is something much bolder, sophisticated and challenging.

Utah and Oklahoma being Chloe Olivia’s base points may come as much as a surprise to listeners as the fact that Gilded appears to be their first track to date (but don’t quote me on that). California would have been an expected destination for the two sisters to be based, but much like Gilded, what’s underneath is far more interesting.

Heavily loaded with the most intricate electronic-pop melodies, yet performed much like early Hurts where a dramatic delivery of something so calm and beautiful becomes eruptive and magnetic all at once, Gilded’s story of revealing the truth underneath a façade has been executed flawlessly.

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