So for long time viewers, it’s no secret that I, Doyle: owner, runner, generally the sole contributor to Velvet, struggle with mental health issues. Unfortunately, Velvet isn’t my full time job. It would be a dream come true for that to be the truth, but reality dictates that I need to actually have a job that pays to live.Because of this, Velvet doesn’t receive the full attention it deserves. Usually I’m too exhausted when I get home from work to do anything, let alone critique music which honestly is heart-breaking for me. There have been 100’s of songs that I’ve listened to this year, all equally stunning for many different reasons, that I just haven’t been able to share. Partially because of working so much, but then largely due to mental health. It reaches a point some times where I’d rather not share anything, than share something and not be able to give both you and the artists the respect that they deserve, so that in fact happens. That doesn’t mean I want to go all Oprah and announce that EVERYONE GET’S A 10/10! no, that’s not what it’s about at all. The artists whose work is sent to me either directly from themselves, from labels, promo staff or whatever forms aren’t coming to mind, deserve a much more conscientious approach to how their music is discussed, rather than, this is good, it’s nice, yeah, listen to it, or this is bad, I don’t like it, no.

Sadly, it’s difficult to consistently deliver this standard which I refuse to lower and don’t plan on ever doing so. It’s a difficult obstacle to overcome, but it’s possibly the only one I have left as my own personal life is actually very good somewhat suprisingly. My work isn’t exactly inspiring but it’s enjoyable and I work with some great people. My partner Lewis, is a complete rock, 10/10 would recommend. Friends and family are all amazing also. I’ve been enjoying spending more time with all of them, in turn helping to bring my mental health to a much more healthier state. But in doing so, I’ve ignored a seriously important part of my life, and one of, if not the most consistently favourite part as well. Velvet.

I’ve been putting Velvet on the backburner because I know realistically that I’ll be able to pick it back up when I’m ready to. I really wish I could be ready a lot sooner, and be posting bi-daily at least, but honestly I’m not ready. I have music planned to share throughout next week. Hopefully I’ll schedule it all so it actually reaches you and you get to hear some amazing new music, but that’s what this site is about.

I just want to finish this update with an apology to Aeriel, who I promised all the way at the beginning of this year that I would share her Sad Girls Club EP on Velvet. It’s honestly a sound R’n’B album, Be Down is a killer early 00’s influenced song to lead the EP, so it’s definitely worth the play (it’d easily score a 7-8).

Again, I hope I’ll be able to share more frequently on here soon, but for now, I’ll just keep saying thanks for the patience and for continuing to visit Velvet even when I haven’t been here myself.

Doyle V

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