Rendez Vous – Double Zero

It’s been a long while since the French post-punk rockers have caused a riot, but Double Zero is here to re-electrify your soul.

A pre-warning for anyone wanting to watch the video, it almost immediately features strobes with rapidly flashing lights which could cause an epileptic fit. So for those who are prone to fits and seizures, the Spotify link is included below.

If the synth madness of Distance or Euroshima had you falling in love with Rendez Vous, then Double Zero will have you falling on your knees. In a complete auditory cluster fuck of schizophrenic madness, Rendez Vous assimilate punks core ideals of brash, bold in your face noise, firing out obnoxious synth splices that are completely alien and deafening in parts yet insanely intoxicating. Double Zero crawls out from what sounds like a lab experiment, unleashing a storm of aggressive screeching guitars and ferocious vocals, as corrupted and inhumane soundscapes reignite the fire of 2016.

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