Holy ’57 – Alison

In the three years that we’ve followed Alex Mankoo’s moniker Holy ’57 since his debut “Island Kids” track, never has the London based artist been anything short of exciting.

Alison is the latest track to surface from his mini-LP “L”, following his previous efforts “H” and “O”, both containing indie/tropical pop gems that consistently layer intriguing cultural dispositions with modern music.

With a story that is visualised focusing on emotional extremes, from the male characters own psychological torment as he replays joyous moments with a past love; Alison’s dreamy exterior is screaming out to be grabbed by the next big indie-cinema hit.

It’s remorseful story telling, while shrouded in regrets and lovelorn centred around the idea of both lovers being romantic, with one being more heavily invested than the other, is a platonic sentiment for Holy ’57’s fans.

Alison invites you in with dreamy guitars, anchored by a guitar riff that echoes the likes of Cage The Elephant or Death Cab For Cutie, with their euphoric indie/rock that stands breathtakingly tall, yet is equally fragile and ready to break at any moment. An open invitation to reflect on love and feel both uplifted and bittersweet about your own past experiences in relation to Alison, earns Alex Mankoo enough credit to claim his latest track as his greatest yet.

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