Far Caspian – Let’s Go Outside

Leeds quartet Far Caspian deliver dreamy, chilled out indie pop with their luscious new single Let’s Go Outside.With a recent move over to the UK for frontman Joel Johnston from Ireland, Let’s Go Outside speaks about the difficulties of adjusting to a new city and not quite feeling like you have a place to call home yet.

Far from being themed around melancholy, instead taking on the label of “melanjolly”, which the band have designated themselves, Let’s Go Outside is the equivocal of a break-up, followed by friends injecting a much needed pick-me-up with beers and fun. The joyous overcoat of shimmering guitars is the fa├žade for the layers beneath that shield away the darker moments of isolation and the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing your own place in the world found within Johnston’s lyrics.

Regardless of whether you focus on the glossy, Wild Nothing vibes of Far Caspian’s guitars or the sombre overtone of their lyrics, Let’s Go Outside is a beautiful, late evening burner, perfect for these Summer evenings.


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