Arizona – Freaking Out

The New Jersey trio announced their Cold Nights/Summer Days release last week with the emphatic uproar of Freaking Out.

For a group with over four million monthly Spotify listeners, amassing almost 150 million plays on previous single Oceans Away, it’s almost bizarre to suggest that Arizona isn’t exactly the household name you’d expect them to be.

Their illustrious pop music correlates with the rise of EDM, chart-friendly pop; while ensuring that old school indie and rock are still at the foreground of who Arizona is as a musical trio. Freaking Out then is the perfect reminder of how euphoric Arizona’s music can truly be.

Never being ones to shy away from personal stories in their music, Freaking Out, as self-explanatory as it may seem, speaks openly about personal discomforts and substance abuse damaging personal relationships, as Zach expresses his fear of loneliness and mental health issues throughout.

Amplified by thunderous drums and Nate’s consistent guitar plucking, the contrast between the sombre tone of Zach’s lyrics and the overly anthemic vibe of Freaking Out’s instrumentation unite perfectly with their clear differences, enforcing the narrative of the euphoric high of substance abuse masking feelings of anxiety and personal issues.

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