BLVTH – Seven

From the electronica centre of Europe, Berlin based artist BLVTH is standing out for distancing his music from the mainstream.

If you’re a SoundCloud user who explores the never ending list of ‘related tracks’ you’ll most likely have come across BLVTH at some point unknowingly. With a visual EP among his collection of EPs and singles, as well as having produced for German artists Casper and Ahzumjot and international artists K.Flay and Point Point, if electronica and hip-hop are your thing, BLVTH is your man.

Pronounced [blu:t], BLVTH is a half Polish half Albanian producer, whose blend of dystopian electronics and R’n’B influences have never quite fit any set genre, labelling his work as ‘future-grunge’ instead. The first track taken from his upcoming EP *BLUT*; on Seven, BLVTH dives into a chaotic, trap realm, creating distance between his previous upbeat, hip-hop centred track Pusher, as Seven continues on with BLVTH’s love of remaining consistently unpredictable.

Carrying across his interchanging of genres to Seven’s accompanying video, with a series of rapid zooms showcasing unstable characters, boxers, head shavers and exhausted faces; BLVTH’s genre bending is beautifully showcased throughout this unnerving display of black and white shots with an unusual rooster of cast members.

Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Valentin Hansen

1. AD: Paulina Czienskowski
Electrician: Leon Titze

Jona Hansen, Anton Weil, Michelle Frisch, Leon Titze, Can Ali, Paulina Czienskowski

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