Oddnesse – It Runs Wild

Opening herself up to her own fears, Rebeca Arango of Oddnesse says “Get the fuck out” and “back the fuck off” to her demons on, It Runs Wild.

If we could all take a leaf from Rebeca’s book, it would be to discuss anything and everything that worries you, or injects any ounce of fear into your very being, and say fuck it, this isn’t going to bother me anymore. The fearless attitude of the LA singer has become somewhat of a calling card for Oddnesse, amplified further by the ever impressive production of co-founding member Grey Goon. It Runs Wild creeps out of the dark with deep rooted guitars before a glimmer of hope from Goon’s synths welcome in the courageous cries of Arango, tackling the beasts of fear together, as Oddnesse remain calm and sophisticated with their delivery, as It Runs Wild showcases the growing aptitude the LA duo have for creating alluring pop music.

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