Soft Streak – Keep Your Face On

College friends Tori Schachne and Colton Toy share a love for old films, music, LA’s expansive list of food and creating jubilant pop music that discusses anxiety and isolation.

The never-ending façades that LA portrays to its dwellers is something that Soft Streak warmly embraces, especially when it comes to being an introverted socialite. Throughout Keep Your Face On, Tori and Colton discuss self-placement within social situations, examining how anxiety can create an influx of self-doubt and ‘imposter syndrome’, feeling that your place in a social setting hasn’t been earned. Much like LA, Soft Streak cover up their anxiety focused lyrics with intricate clap-drumming and glossy synths, wrapped up in a slinky bass hook, disguising Keep Your Face On’s narrative with a beautifully produced mask that will intrigue the ears of indie-pop fans and warm up their hearts.

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