FHAT – Pleasure

As debuts go, FHAT have released a ground-shaking monster of a release with Pleasure.
As their collaboration with Fabich and Jafunk back in February secured major interest for the duo, FHAT have started to rollout their own releases beginning with Pleasure, an ode to modern, 00’s influenced R&B with a queer edge that elevates Pleasure to another level.

The New York duo, alongside big name Berlin producer, JUMPA, approach R&B with a futuristic outlook, as Aaron Pfeiffer and Sedric openly discuss sexual encounters while placing emotions and attachment onto one side, dropping lines like “stop making assumptions I’d rather be coming//don’t mind the pain when it comes with so much pleasure” as the Berlin producer rapidly fires out upbeat synths in time with their straight to the point lyrics. The combination of FHAT and JUMPA creates a fast paced, nothing held back, slice of contemporary R&B that is not only an immensely out and proud queer track, but also a complete triumph in general.

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