Christine and the Queens – 5 Dollars

The third single to be taken from her upcoming LP “Chris”, French artist Christine and the Queens dresses for the occasion on 5 Dollars.

Following Damn, dis Moi and Doesn’t Matter; Héloïse Letissier dives further into her androgynous form, sporting bondage wear underneath tailored suiting on the video for 5 Dollars, as she decodes the world of male sex workers, describing Colin Solal Cardo’s direction as “American Gigolo with a twist”.

The clear 80’s style runs through 5 Dollars thick and bold, in both visuals and audio. Chris’ invites a voyeuristic look into her routine, welcoming in gazing eyes with an unexpected warmth. The pop fuelled synths allow for a relaxing air to fill the room then to immediately be drawn out, shocked and enticed by her pseudo-masculinity, anchored by the beautiful delicacy of the piano keys, which remain reminiscent of Chaleur humaine’s beauty. Letissier’s overwhelming vocals, poised with graceful femininity and powerful masculinity, reveal a confident young woman who’s questioning of masculinity/femininity in the world of sexual pleasure, turns the idea on its head, allowing feminine men and masculine women to welcome in sexual gratification and pleasure, whether paid for or not to “Chris the hustler”. 5 Dollars is reason enough to mark Letissier as an idol for this generation.

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