Dakota Blue – Game Show//Scorpion’s Theme

LA multi-instrumentalist Dakota Blue released his LP, Plaza To Plaza, last Friday, with the release of Scorpion’s Theme film noir styled music video to coincide.

To showcase his artistic style, Scorpion’s Theme is much more of a visual piece than one that acts as a killer interlude. While a steady, echoing marching drum awakens a vintage guitar alongside an almost out of tune synth, capsulising the essence of film noir, with its lust for sexuality and danger, Scorpion’s Theme’s video, encompasses the idea even more strongly. Stylistically consistent with film noir’s black and white, hazed over lens, Dakota Blue’s visual work is just as strong as his auditory work on LP single, Game Show.

East India Youth would be the strongest comparison to lay focus to, however, Dakota Blue deserves much more justice than a mere comparison. Game Show is eerily dark, with a rising mist covering up the light of its own synths attempting to reveal the warming glow of the sun, as mechanical drum clambering somehow drags Game Show back in time to the 50’s, to only be catapulted forward almost instantly via Dakota Blue’s experimental 80’s synths, which in turn sounds futuristic and far beyond what would possibly be expected.

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