Dead Naked Hippies – Rare

Bite down on the jagged shards of glass that Dead Naked Happies have shattered on their newest release, Rare.
The Leeds trio may have only been around since late 2016, but front-woman Lucy Jowett isn’t fucking around when it comes to Rare. Talking about Rare and DNH’s mission, Jowett explains:

“We’re used by advertising companies, so they can make money out of our discontentment. Bombarded with images of fake realities, only to make us feel like ours isn’t enough. We’re made to feel like our creativity and passion will never be as important as serving a functional purpose in society. It’s dull, boring and I’m fucking mad about it. Most importantly, I want people to know that they’re not alone.”

Just as Jowett’s anger is blatant and uncensored throughout her work with Dead Naked Hippies, Rare’s gritty, art-punk riffs, are ready to gut out your heart, loading the empty space with feral anger, igniting your natural inhibitions and bringing out your true inner punk.

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