Shea Couleé – Gasoline Ft. GESS

The RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant proves that her ambition as a musician is not overlapped with being a stellar drag queen on her latest track Gasoline.Previous Miss Couleé’s (if ya’ nasty) work has primarily been, heavy set hip-hop/rap tracks, with her killer debut Cocky, alongside her visual EP Couleéd followed this May with the release of Crème Brûlée largely following this trend (excluding Feeling So). Crème Brûlée’s sound was heavily reminiscent of Couleé’s earlier tracks, while gently pushing away towards a much more contemporary style, of chilled, trap influenced hip-hop. Now on Gasoline, Shea Couleé’s determination as an artist truly shines through, reigning in on the trend of lucid, dreamy, “sad-boi” hip-hop/R&B, providing a new level of depth and vulnerability that other successful drag queens-come-musicians arguably haven’t reached, or even attempted to yet.

Regardless of her connection to RPDR and even being a “drag queen musician”; Gasoline by itself is an enchanting track that projects a keen level of attention and dedication from an artist, who’s direction is to be much more than a one trick pony.

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