Annabel Allum – Sofa Song

Ahead of the release of her most recent single, we caught up with Surrey’s Annabel Allum for a quick Q&A on her music, Glastonbury and future plans following the gritty haze of Sofa Song.With her first headlining tour kicking off earlier this week, Annabel Allum is going from strength to strength with her sarcy’ take on grunge-folk. Talking about the uncomfortable tales of her past; Sofa Song talks of being poorer than poor and the reality behind being a DIY artist. True to form, Annabel’s answer were sarcy’ and straight to the point:

So for those who are new to your music, how you describe it?
You’ve been likened to Courtney Barnette, Kurt Cobain and PJ Harvey. If you could perform with any of the three who would you pick and why?
Did you manage to snag Glastonbury tickets or should we hold out on an announcement of you performing there?
Sofa Song’s about being skint yet following your dreams, a very admirable stance to take. Exactly how skint have you been? Student level skint with Sainsbury’s basic filling your cupboards, or worse?
Following Sofa Song, what’s next for Annabel Allum? Another double EP? LP in the works? Tell us what’s going on.
Guitar led, honest, dirty, ambient, grunge, folk
Kurt Cobain. He’s dead.
Fingers crossed.. I’d blummin love to play Glasto.
If you must know, we’re talking asda value at the end of the day so its reduced. Bailiffs. Friends putting me up for months on end – shout out to Katie at Falcon Rd. Oh and bloody yellow door storage. All good now tho.
Eek! We’ll see… but I got a fuck ton of songs I’m ready to record. I’m still very much DIY so I don’t know about the LP yet. I think I’ll wait for the right kinda label first. But yes, songs. Lots of them. And of course tour!

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