Boniface – Fumbling

Following the success of his previous singles, Boniface has secured his spot as one of the most exciting artists of the year with his transcendent new track, Fumbling.
The first and last time we shared Boniface was on his debut track, the eponymous I Will Not Return As A Tourist and since then, we’ve kept a close eye on Micah Visser. The Canadian born artist has released a slew of impressive tracks this year, boasting racing 80’s upbeat anthems with Dear Megan and Phantom Limbs, alongside a number of smoother demos, For Love and Again & Again; receiving major praise on BBC and other massive platforms just to ensure that the hype is indeed real.

Now on Fumbling, the 80’s vibe is as consistent as ever, although, it’s more like a 2030’s version of the 80’s, as if Fumbling was pulled straight from the more serious moments of the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror. Synths that glide through the night sky like kids on their bikes rage across the entire track, capture the purple backdrop of Fumbling’s single artwork perfectly, as Micah returns yet again with the visual styling of his brother Joseph Visser, for the accompanying music video. Featuring (you guessed it), teens whose individual personalities blend together seamlessly through a night-time bike ride, just as Boniface’s luscious synths glide so effortlessly, Joseph’s work on Fumbling’s music video is just as equally broody and impressive as the accompanying single and arguably the pairs greatest work yet.

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